Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tips on Accomodation

Free and easy involve a lot of planning, airfares, accomodations, transports, sights and airport transfer.

Booking of accommodations is now much easier due to information available on the web. Google map and also tripadvisor and blogs and forums.
Google map will show the exact location of the hotel. On hotel website or some travel agency tell you is a 5 mins walk from the train station but in actual fact, it is like 15mins walk. Use the google map to estimate the actual distance.
Google map will not only show the actual location, the exact route to take when walking to the hotel, what to look out for and the turns to make and the surrounding shops. Just drag the little man over to the point and most of the time, is a photo of the surrounndings.
Hotel website can be misleading at times as the photos can be taken donkey years ago and by a professional photographer. I will advise people to check out photos that are taken by tourists on tripadvisor and visit blogs for reviews of the hotel.
For better prices, we have to do comparison of accommodation by websites as some hotels do have special promotion going on and sometimes is easier to book directly via the hotel website. Always book from trustworthy websites, is better to play safe.

We usually have to decide on the area to stay before looking around for accommodations around the area.
Best area to stay is usually not a shopping district unless you have intention to shop at the same place everyday. Best location to stay is actually at an interchange or just near the train station. As in countries, the train system is very complicated and taxis are very expensive.

As we spend more than half the day travelling and exploring. However, most important is the cleanliness and the location and also the price factor. I don't stay in 5 stars hotel much. I have stayed in hotels that just after we put in our luggages, there is not much space for us to walk around but I love the location and also the quality of the room and definitely the price.

We do like to try out different hotels, it is also an adventure to us. We have stayed in hostel, bed and breakfast, hotels and even rented apartment.
For hostel or bed and breakfast, I usually booked the ensuite as I think I look quite scary after I bathe. However, is good for people who want to make friends and they have a lot of informations available in english.
Hotels as you know, room services available and sometimes buffet breakfast.
Rented apartment is bigger and there is a kitchen. Lots of privacy but we do have to do the cleaning up.

As a Singaporean, I am used to rooms with temperature of more than 20 degree Celsius.
Therefore, it is very important to make sure there are heater in rooms for colder countries. Because in other countries, any above 10 degree is considered normal temperature.

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