Friday, March 31, 2017

Tokyo free and easy : Meiji Shrine

We decided to take a bus down  instead of the train. Firstly, it is only like 3-4 stops from our apartment and the busstop is just 3 mins walk away. Secondly, it was the first time that we are taking a bus in Japan. We followed Google map instructions and have no problem for our little bus ride.
You can also use your Suica car for the bus ride.

We were quite happy that we actually took a bus. We got off at Kitasando Entrance.There were beautiful ginko trees along the road on the way to Meiji Shrine. Such a beautiful sight. Autumn is a good season to travel as there are lot of vibrant colours and the weather is not too cold and not too hot. It was easy to navigate to Meiji shrine as we just followed the google map. After the entrance, we still need to walk around 5-10 minutes  to the shrines.

We did not know the day we went on the day of Harvest festival at Meiji Shrine. It was a pleasant surprise. There are a lot of decorations by fruits and vegetables. It is held at the around late November.

There is english fortune telling poetry costing 100yen.

Traditional Japanese wedding

There are a lot of locals dressed up for the event especially children. It is so cute to see them walking around. 

After watching the display at Meiji Shrine, we make our way to Harajuku. 
There was a Chrysanthemum exhibit. Not a very bit display but it was beautiful nonetheless. 
There are a lot of Chrysanthemum display in Japan during the month of November. 
If you are into nature, November is month of the vibrant autumn leaves, the Chrysanthemum flowers and yellow ginkgo leaves.

It is quite easy to navigate from Meiji Shrine to HArajuku. It is not that far but walking will take around 10-15 minutes depending on your speed.
It is good to plan both location together. 
After a walk and exploring Meiji Shrine, it will be time to feast and shop at Harajuku.

There is a museum at Meiji Shrine that displays a lot of historial items including items being the Emperor and Empress. Entrance fee is 500yen. I never been there so I can give a review on it

Meiji Shrine: From Harajuku Station on the JR Yamanote Line 
 Meiji-jingu-mae Station on the Chiyoda 
Or you can take a bus like what I did. 
It depends on where you are starting your journey from.

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