Saturday, December 5, 2015

Perth free and easy: Shopping at factory outlet WAtertown

If you expecting something like the american factory outlet, you will be quite disappointed.
If you are a fan of Cotton On, Typo and Smiggle, you are at the right place.
They are also Adidas, French connection, New Balance and PUMA, can check out the list of available shops at

I will definitely suggest you shop here, then proceed to shop at normal outlet of cotton on. I saw some similar designs.

It is not really a big place, so if you just spend an average of 4-5 hours unless you are a real slow shopper.

We drove there. We did try to shop as fast as possible because the parking is quite expensive from 3 hours onwards.

And for those who get hungry and tired easier, they have quite a number of shops selling food. No worries. We bought our own snacks to save time. Or in order words, there is the place you can dump the guys.

Will recommend if you like Australian brands. It is partially outdoor, but it is a good way to spend a day if it is relatively warm outside.

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