Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Perth free and easy : Accomodation Place to stay Apartment

For our perth trip, we decide to try airbnb. 
We choose to stay in airbnb instead of hotel. 
It is not cheap to eat in Australia, we usually have a simple meal in our hotel room once a day. Helps in saving money for the money conscious and is definitely healthier.
We can also try out the fresh produce in Australia.
We usually start early as it is winter time and the sun sets quite early. By the time, we finish touring Australia around 6 to 7pm. We are quite tired to go out and eat. 
I just whipped up some simple meal while my friends plan the itinerary for the next day, do our accounts and wash up.

The apartment is spacious and also comes with a nice balcony, that is something which I will never be able to afford to stay in Singapore.
Instructions was clear and simple. The apartment was located 5 minutes walk from the train station and at the CBD area. The good thing about staying at the CBD is the centralised location. And  there is lot of breakfast places on weekdays mornings. However, on Sunday and weekdays nights, it is a bit too quiet. Parking is free only free 7 am to 7pm. Rest of the time, parking is quite expensive. We usually set out early and come back around 7 plus to 8 plus to save on parking. Parking lots are quite easy to find.

 The kitchen is spacious and fully equipped with cups, cutlery, pots, kettle, microwave, stove and even an oven. There is even a fresh bouquet of lilies at the dining table. We bought portebella mushroom and bake in the oven with butter, taste heavenly. We had it for 3 nights in a row.

The living room is just beside the kitchen. Comes with a big sofa and a television. Ample space for us to do our packing or have some desserts and plan our schedule.
yes, there is free wifi in the apartment

There is two bedrooms. Finally, a proper bed for the 3rd person. There is a spacious wardrobe to hang  clothes in both room. The bedroom is not very big but is enough.

There is two shower rooms, one bathtub, two sink/mirror but just one toilet.  It is very convenient to have two sinks and two shower places. The negative is only one toilet and if you try to fill the bathtub with hot water, you have to bathe in cold water or wait for one to two hours for hot water.
There is washing machine and a dryer, it is good if you love to have fresh towels and no stinky socks.

Pros: fully equipped Kitchen, 2 shower facilities, 2 sinks, 2 bedrooms, washing machine/dryer, spacious, free and good wifi, spacious dining table, spacious balcony with tables/chairs
Negative: One toilet, CBD parking is expensive but free from 7am to 7pm, hot water is limited ( can't use the bath tub or else there is no hot water for the shower), no room services

AWesome Sunset from the balcony. 
One reason why I choose to stay in this apartment.

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