Monday, December 7, 2015

Australia Perth free and easy: Our 1 day walking tour Swan's bell Tower + King's Park + WA day Perth cultural center + supermarket

We did a walking tour on our own on the first day as our car rental only starts on the second day.

Took some nice photos on the walk to Swan's bell Tower

Finally reach the Swan's bell Tower, took around 20 to 30 minutes from our apartment at Hay Street.
It was not opened so we take some photos with it, not from within. And also the ticket is quite expensive.
Can check the opening hours

For couples

Behind the SWan's bell tower, there is this berth for you to relax and take some photos

King's park. We walked to King's park. Was a bit lost so we 40 minutes instead of the recommended 25 mins.

We tried to follow one of the tour on flora and fauna but it was bit boring to us. This is because we are not really into plants. The good thing is you can leave anytime you want. They will check with you before they proceed to any long walks. Can just try it out. It is conducted by volunteers

It has a nice view of Perth

You can bring your mat and food to have a nice little pinic.
There is maybe only one eatery around here so I will suggest that you bring your own snacks and drinks
Sounvenir shop
Stamps from the information service counter

Initially we wanted to take the bus to WA day at the Perth cultral center but the bus is not operating on weekends so we walked

Food trucks. There are quite a number of food trucks with wide selection of food. The queue was quite long and I was not in the mood to queue after walking for most part of my day. I did not try buying any food to eat here.

There are some activities going on at the cultural center, I will not say there is a lot but can take a look around.

Some nice photo spots along the way on our quest to search for a nice place for lunch
We found this nice place for lunch Northbridge Brewing company. The pizza was good  and the fried food was crispy and yummy. They specialise in beer, guess you know form the title

We walked to the supermarket near our place, coles. We stock up on fresh food. We have a big kitchen and CBD is quite quiet in the evening. Bought some fresh fruits so we will stay health and pretty during the trip. Bought some snacks for our road trips. And bought some interesting to share with families and friends in Singapore

Rushed home to catch the sunset.
Cooked dinner. One to save cost, two as we are too tired to dine out and three to try out local produce and four to make use of our nice kitchen. After dinner, some healthy frozen yogurt from the supermarket.

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