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Taiwan TAipei free and easy : Dongmen 東門捷運站 food part 1 永康街

We choose to stay near 永康街, which is just beside dongmen train station  東門捷運站. We did not choose the usual ximenting as this trip is to catered to my elderly parents. Ximenting seems to young for their age. And definitely because of Chainn Hotel as it is new and just beside the train station and is not a hostel. 
 Dongmen is definitely filled with good food.
One of the best place to filled up one's stomach when the night markets are still not in operation
All this resturants can be located by taking the train to Dongmen station and exit 5.
We did not get to try a lot of food. Here is some recommendations.

1. First STop, Ding Tai Feng 鼎泰豐One of the most famous restuarant or eateries at TAipei It is just located by the road with a big signboard, so you can't miss it. We went there around 3pm, the waiting time was just around 3 minutes. The xiaolongbao is definitely good. The noodle serving is quite big, so share if you want to leave some space in your stomach for the xiaolongbao. Service is definitely good and food is served up real fast. The menu is just outside so you decide on your order while waiting for your table. The food is always good. 

2. Sun Merry Bakery 聖瑪莉
Personally, I did not try the bread. My parents did and they say it is quite nice.
I read some good reviews on it online. Worth to try.

3.  红樱花食品

I did not buy from this shop. It is just beside Sun Merry Bakery. They sell Hello Kitty Confectionary, like biscuits and pastry. Anyone who is looking for cute gifts to bring back home, can get it from here. Free samples for some items.

4. Smoothie House 思慕昔 MAngo shaved ice 雪酪芒果雪花冰
They ran out of mango and they gave us sour kiwi in replacement. They just expect us to agree.
The mango shaved ice is good but a bit pricey, It cost a good nt$180-nt$190 for one servings. One servings can feed two. It is so famous, feel like I must try it. Not sure if I will go back.

No. 1之3號, Lishui Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
+886 2 2396 1133

8%ice 冰淇淋專門
No. 6, Lane 13, Yongkang Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
+886 2 2395 6583
8%  ice cream冰淇淋專門 sells interesting ice cream
No. 6, Lane 13, Yongkang Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
+886 2 2395 6583

4. Smoothie House 思慕昔 Mango shaved ice
It is good, but not fantastic. The mango shave ice is definitely a bit pricely at nt$180. This is one of the more famous place at yongkang street

  15 Yongkang street

5.  豐盛食堂  
We went to this place by chance. We were just wandering around. We realise a lot of tourists and taiwanese dine here. This place has nice decoration. The food is definitely good. The interesting thing is that you can order by pieces for some items. We ordered 3 ribs because only 3 out of 4 us want to eat. Soup was ok, ours is cabbage and somthing soup. The ribs although slightly fattening, is delicious. The pumpkin with sesame is interesting and taste not bad. Price wise will be around S$15 to S$30 per person, it depends on how much you order and of course, seafood will cost more.

6. 芋头大王
I am not a fan of yam, only a fan of chewy yam balls.
My mum loved yam. I googled and found this shop which sell yam related desserts and shaved ice. The shaved ice is slight cheaper than smoothie house, slight difference. The hot yam desserts tasted much better than the cold ones. Yam balls tend to be more chewy. Can try.

臺北市永康街15之4號 ( it is a bit hard to locate the shop, it is tucked in corner. It is on same street as smoothie house, just less than a minutes walk after smoothie house)

7. Others
There are a lot more good food and resturants and cafes. The more hip and happening ones, are not to my parents' taste buds. I walked pass some and tell myself next time. I read about this few places online.

IOU cafe looks good, a great place for cafe hopping lovers.
No 9, Yongkang street  02 2358 7771

 度小月 is another famous eatery at yongkang street. served noodles. 
No.9-1, Yongkang Street, Da’an District, Taipei City 

8.  Convenience stores and a small supermarket. As much snacks as you want.

This is not really a shopping paradise, the only thing in abundance other than restaurants will be pharmacy and a big Wastons. Don't plan to shop much here, plan to eat a lot.

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