Monday, December 15, 2014

Taipei free and easy : Dongmen mrt station Chaiin Hotel

As this trip was to bring my elderly parents around, I spend a lot of efforts looking for a hotel instead of a hostel as they need to rest very well and one which is just located just beside the station..
I am very please with Chaiin Hotel (謙商旅‧東門館)
Firstly, the location.
Chaiin hotel  is just located above Dongmen station, so just exit front the station, walk across the post office and you will reach the lobby. There is no escalator but there is a lift at the exit to chainn. It is convenient for anyone with kids and elderly. However, as the hotel is located above the train station, the hotel lift has a speed limit so the waiting time can be slightly long.
It is also located 5 minutes from yongkang street (永康街) where the famous 鼎泰豐 ( Ding Tai Fung) and Smoothie House 思慕昔 is located. There are lots of eateries and shops around the area too. My parents are not very good with directions but since there are so much to see nearby, they can venture out on their own.

 The hotel lobby. Clean and new. The cafe staff are definitely more friendly the hotel lobby stuff. There is defintely room for improvement for the hotel lobby staff.

 We booked the superior rooms as the rest of the room are sold out. The two rooms have different design, one is the sink is out the toilet, in the bedroom. The other one, the sink is just inside the toilet. You can try requesting one that suit your preferences.  The room is new and clean. The room is decorated by the useful map, so I know the interesting places around the hotel. There are ample shelves for me to store my stuff. The only negative is the room is a bit dark around the mirror, it was difficult for us to use the mirror to take a good look at ourselves.

From what I read, not all rooms come with view. I am not sure about that. But this is the view from my room. Not bad.

The map in the room.

The hotel, below is the dongmen station and a post office. We bought a post card and mail it back to Singapore 

The lift lobby looks very nice.

 Breakfast is included. My parents prefer to fill up their tummy before venturing out. Simple cafe but good looking cafe.

Breakfast spread, Includes porridge and variety of beverages including fruit juice and latte... Simple but is good enough for us. The food is quite good. The menu change a bit every day. If not, just grab a coffee and eat breakfast outside at yongkang street.

 I will definitely recommend chaiin Hotel. The location is good and quite centralised. Lot of restaurants and some shopping available including pharmacy and watsons. The cafe staff are very friendly. The hotel is clean and new. The bed is definitely comfortable. The shower is not strong but reasonable. The breakfast spread is good too. Chaiin Hotel price is around s$100 -s$150.

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