Tuesday, September 11, 2012

transport(taxi/bus/airport express) to city from hongkong airport..

Transport from Hong Kong airport to City(hotel) and around Hongkong

When you arrive at hongkong airport. You can either take the airport express, a bus or a taxi to your hotel. Just walk out and you will see the airport express counter, you can also buy an octopus card (ezlink) if you intend to take the bus.

The cost of bus journey is around Hk$33. I usually take bus A21 to Tsim Sha Tsui/Mongkok/Jordan as I stay around there.
I believe it is one of the cheapest form of transport.
I usually download the whole itinerary of the bus journey, so I can keep track of the stops and will be able to get down at the correct stop. The bus journey usually take around 45mins. For the first 20-30 minutes, just sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery, just pay attention when the bus reaches the city. there is a LED showing the stop they are arriving at, no worries about losing your way.There is special segment to put your luggage. There is segment for storing luggage. The minus point about the bus is during peak hours, the segment to store you luggage  will slightly packed. The luggage is also a problem for people who are not used to carry there luggage up and down the bus and around. I usually travel on budget and on a bus, so we have to drag our luggage around a lot.

Alternative bus/mtr route
The previous time I went Hongkong, my flight reached hongkong around 10 plus and hotel check time was 2pm. I decided to visit citygate outlets at Tung chung as it is only 10 mins ride from the airport and the bus journey cost hk$3.50 (s$0.55) . Tung chung is quite far from 38mins and cost hk$14.90 or Hk$17 (single trip) from Tsim Sha Tsui, it is better to go there before going to the hotel. Unless you intend to visit the big Buddha or Tai O, this saves time and money. The rental for the luggage locker at citygate and it is not very expensive. A medium size locker is sufficent for one big check-in luggage and one small hand carry. I took the MTR to my hotel at mongkok. I spent less than hk$20 for the bus and MTR to my hotel.
Bus to Tung Chung (S1, S56) hk3.50
update: Dec2012. The lockers seems to be fully taken up especially on weekends. With a steady stream of tourists coming down to where the lockers are located but no lockers available.

Prices of taxi. It send you right to the hotel doorstep. 
estimated taxi fare to tsim Sha Tsui will cost around hk$230

Airport express

It is much cheaper when you travel in a group
Do note that you need to change to bus to reach your hotel. That is why I sometimes just prefer the bus as it is more direct.
Airport Express 1 journey + 3 days unlimited travel on MTR + $50 deposit + $20 stored value = hk $220
Airport Express 2 journey + 3 days unlimited travel on MTR + $50 deposit + $20 stored value = hk $300

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