Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3g Sim card hongkong

Getting a 3G sim seems essential for travel, to check the map and keep ourselves connected. We can instagram and facebook and foursquare...

It is too expensive to subscribe for roaming as it cost around s$15 a day if I use my singapore number.

I will recommend that you get it at the airport unless you are well verse in cantonese. I tried buying at 7-11, and I went to a few shops but no one could not understand my english and chinese.
I read up on this. Will try this when I visit hongkong in novemeber.

What I gathered online.

To buy the prepaid 3G card at the airport.
Once you reach Hongkong airport. Go the shop called IOIO at the level 7, departure terminal, lane G.
You can buy a microsim or a normal sim, works for iphone and other phone user and android phone user.
Microsim retail for HKd100. Normal sim at hkd88.
Hkd $78 for 7 days unlimited
Hkd$28 for 1 day unlimited
Hk$8 for 1 hour unlimited

The remaining amount can be used for phone calls and etc. Local phone calls priced  hkd0.05-0.12 per minutes. It is definitely to ask the people at the shop to get everything done for you before you leave the shop.
Can pick up extra top up voucher if necessary.

The Sim card expire after 6 months.

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