Tuesday, September 18, 2012

shopping in hongkong

Flower Street 花园街 hua yuan (fa yuen in cantonese).

open in the late morning to evening. Don't visit it at night. 
Although you cant do much bargaining here, the price is cheaper than ladies market.
There is a lot of shoes store at the sides and the price is cheap, good for people who are not into brands.
There are also stalls selling food and fruits. More interesting than ladies market which is tourist trap and good for people who need more fruits to stay healthy on a trip

I visited two fresh food market in hongkong. One is nelson street (near langham place hotel)
Another one is at Bowrington Road

The rest of the standard ladies market, temple street. There are shopping malls at most of the MTR stops. Tsim Sha Tsui and CAuseway should the most number of them. A lot of new shopping malls opened at TST over the past few years. You can look at the shop directory before deciding which mall to visit. Sasa and Bonjour are good place for cheap cosmetic and toiletries.
Lung Shing Pharmacy 龍城大藥房. 28 Granville Rd Tsim Sha Tsui b2 exit. they have a larger variety than Sasa and Bonjour but the place is very very crowded with locals and foreigners.
I want to visit jusco hkd10 shop when i am in hongkong, is cheaper than daiso.

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