Monday, September 17, 2012

Random Hongkong food

G29 Allied Plaza, 760 Nathan Rd., Prince Edward,
Daily 7am-10:30pm
Their cookies come in a dozen different flavors, crowned with classic toppings like jam, cherry, nuts or chocolate drop, each with a buttery crispiness. 
For a healthier option, try their egg white-only variety, made with sesame and green tea. Try their all-time famous nougatsBesides the original flavour, there are healthier options made with prune and walnut.

Just a random bakery. If you interested in just buying lao po bing or wife's biscuit for your family and packaging is not a major concern. You can try the normal bakeries along the street like along TST or MOngkok. and buy one to try and find one that suit your tastebuds before buying a dozen back. The price is usually a fraction of those branded store. However, remember to bring your own air tight container.

Bought a coupon from Do not remember the actual price, but it was valued for money because it is a place at kowloon with a nice view and ambience. 
The eyebar at isquare. Not sure how pricing without the coupon.

If you spot this card, remember to try hong Kong traditional icecream.

I tried macdonalds too because there have some seasonal stuff not available in singapore. for example, the chocolate puff.

Some random things we ate.
 starbucks, taste the same.
xu liu xiang
They were giving out free coke.
smiley tart.
vitasoy red bean and milk tea.

random icecream and red bean snack

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