Thursday, May 14, 2015

Taiwan free and easy : Taichung RedDot Hotel ( A very cool Hotel)

First impression: A very interesting and funky hotel, with a revolving door. 
The main lobby has a slide and exotic seats.

Yes, you can take the slide. Take a seat rest from the receptionist and slide down.
Adults and kids are allowed to enjoy this interesting slide.
Too bad, I have an injured ankle so I cant slide down :(
Check out the breakfast menu at the bottom of this page. Delicious and instagram worthy.
Bicycles can be rented for free.

So far so good :D

The room is not very big but is just nice for me.  The room is clean new and very prettily designed. Just like the colorful prints on the bad.

There is universal plug and usb port so no need for a travel adaptor. Everything is nice and pretty, even the coastor.

The toilet is also nicely designed. The toilet bowl is those Japanese style with controls. The toiletries is nicely packed in luggage style. Ample space on the counter for your toiletries and makeup. 
There is no bath tub. It will better if the toilet is slightly brighter,

The view from the room. Nothing much but is good for anyone who can't stand hotel rooms with no windows.

Red Dot hotel has a zhonghua night market and a cinema nearby. 
The night market sells a lot of food and only food. It is not really lively. A bit quiet but a lot of locals are eating there.

3 main courses to choose from. Everything is served so nicely.

 if you are not full enough, can just pick things from the buffet table to eat. There are porridge, cereals, fruits, salad and a lot more at the buffet tables.

The bad thing is it is not near to Fengchia night market which a lot of people will want to visit. The taxi ride will take around 20 mins. Taking a bus is free but waiting time can range from 30 mins to an hour. It is definitely more worth it to take a cab. Yizhong night market is around 15-20mins, it will a better idea to cycle there.
They also do not allow checking in early or checking out late

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