Friday, May 22, 2015

taiwan free and easy : Taichung : random places for elderly

2nd day at Taichung.

We were up early but following any tours because we have to check out around 11am.
My parents are also more interested in local life

We went to a market near our place, 第二市場.

Too bad, We went too early and we just had breakfast in the hotel. There seems to be a lot of good food here.

For example, 林記古早味

Will suggest googling about 第二市場, lots of information but mainly in Chinese.
It is a good place to visit when is too early to go any night market and you want to have a good local taiwanese meal.
The place is quite clean even though is market. No worries.

One of the famous 太陽餅 shop, recommend by my shinshe taxi driver. 

Service there was good. No hard selling or pushy sales assistant. 

太陽餅 was not too sweet and yummy

They have 4 branches in Taichung, think they do delivery to Taipei too.

The pastries cant be kept for too long. So don't buy too much.

I walked to the shop at Minzu Road as it is only 5-10 minutes away from my hotel.

We took any bus to another market to suit my parents' interest. I will not really recommend this market as it is a bit messy. Especially if you are particular about hygience and worried about avian flu and etc. They sell fresh meat and etc.

yes, we went to a park again.

My parents' interest. The most important thing about planning the trip for my elderly parents is to go wherever that interest them.

Chungshan park (臺中公園 臺中公園)

This park is not very big. There are historical sites around. It is more than 100 years, and one of the main scenic spot of Taiwan.

Not really a young people activities but is quite a good place away from the crowd and there are some good sites for phot taking.. 

this park is quite near to Yizhong night market so we went for some early dinner before taking the HSR to the airport

Have to pay for the transfer from HSR to Taoyuan airport

The food at Yizhong was not enough. We went to 7-11 and bought prepacked food.  They heat it up for and give me a nice little bag.There is a counter with usb port so I can charge my hp while I enjoy my meal.. 

The airport is quite pretty on the inside too. Check in early and have a nice stroll.

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