Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Taiwan Taipei free and easy: Massage and Karaoke 按一個讚舒壓按摩棧

102 Daan district City Fuxing south road section 2 Taipei
(02)2325-3308 (02)2325-3309
After all the eating and shopping at Taiwan, found a place to go for a massage. The place is cute and clean. The masseurs are visually challenged but professional.
It is owned by a famous Taiwan singer.
Charges are 500nt for every 1.5 hours. They have foot massage and body massage. Best to give a call and enquire and make a reseravation before going down.
Right below the massage, on the first floor. There is this shop 永和豆漿大王, serving good soya bean and you tian (fried dough).

A good way to rest the tired legs is to go sing Karaoke. For every karaoke room in Taiwan, it comes with a toilet. It is good for people who has to go toilet constantly. Their karaoke place are every grand, and is a few storeys high. Therefore, it is quipped with a lift. I always wonder if I step into a night club by accident.Different branches have different pricing, more popular branches will be slightly more expensive. It is cheapest to go in the morning as there is 40 percent and weekdays are cheaper. The price list is Taiwan dollars and is the pricing is for per hour. However, each person is supposed to spend at least nt$99 on food and drinks, can combine the amount to purchase food and drinks.
The negative thing is there is no hanyu pin ying so we have a bit of difficulty looking for the songs. However, the selection of chinese songs is definitely better.

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