Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Taiwan free and easy: Taichung Shinse xinshe sea of flowers 臺中國際 新社花毯節 新社花海節

The place will take around 3-4 hours to finish touring the place. If you are not one to take photos, then it will definitely half the time and if you are those who need to take perfect photos, it will take quite some time.

There are stalls selling food and drinks, however it may not be as good as it is more touristy. Do not have to worry about getting hungry or thirsty.

I stayed in a minsu near the sea of flowers, so I just walk over.  I went early in the morning like 8am. There are shuttle buses from various location in Taichung. However, it is best to go in the morning as there are not as many people, much easier to take photos and enjoy the flowers. I skipped a lot of exhibits as the queue was too long, There was just too much people. It is not good to visit it on the first few days or weekends as it gets very crowded. The last few days will not be too great too because inconsiderate people just walk into the middle of the flowers for nice photos and the flowers get trampled on.
It is pretty place to be at if you happened to be at Shinshe or Taichung in November or December

The website is in Chinese. It should be in November or December for 2015

The rest is just spamming of photos. If you are not interested, don't scroll down. It is just a great place for photography 

The minsu website

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