Saturday, February 7, 2015

Taiwan Taipei free and easy : Night market Shida Raohe 師大夜市 饒河街觀光夜市

The difference between Shida and other night market is that it has a much younger crowd and sell stuffs that suit the younger generation. The main reason is because it is located beside  a univeristy.
Shida has a lot of shop selling accessories, clothes, snacks, stationery and food.
They have a lot of cute and interesting stationery. I bought a sanrio diary which i received a lot of compliments from teenagers for less than sgd$10, it will cost more than $30 in Singapore. Can spend time exploring the shops. Raohe is easier to navigate as it is just 1 main lane. Shida will be slightly more complicated with little lanes of shops.
You can find some cafes and bakeries to chill out after shopping.

This is one of my favourite food at shida. Love the 滷味. I love to eat this with their instant noodles.

  There are some small bakeries and cafes at Shida which is not found at other night markets.

Raohe night market 饒河街觀光夜市

Raohe is becoming very crowded. I prefer to come here compared to Shilin as Shilin is too crowded and packed with too much tourist.
Raohe is not really a place to shop, the stores at the sides are just normal to me.
The food selection is not bad.
This time I visit, there are not a lot of stalls selling bbq seafood, can choose one with seats to enjoy your meal.
There is slightly more variety of food here compared to Shida.
And it is quite easy to navigate, just a straight lane. So if you are travelling in big groups, it is easy to meetup at the end.

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