Monday, June 30, 2014

Singapore eats: Next door Deli and Pine gardens

Located at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. It is quite easy to locate the place as it is along the main road. Buses to there includes 45,88,265.
The menu is just on the wall.

Price are quite reasonable, around western food at hawker centre or coffee shop
Do take note is self service

Drinks are also quite reasonable priced.

Our drinks. Lemongrass and lemon with plum
Just normal drinks but I do like the blue tiled background

Interior is nothing to shout about but quite pleasant.
It is not as expensive as other cafe. If you are an budget, and not have high expectation on the interiors. This place is good

 Grilled chicken
 wok fried laska

Next door deli's food reminds me of the good school in school canteen.
Nothing fanciful but it just have a very school vibe in it.
The good is good. The chicken wing is fried to golden brown while inside is tender and juicy.
Grilled chicken cutlet is also grilled just nicely.
The most famous and interesting should be the wok fried laksa. It has a distinctively laska taste, just that it is not soupy. 
I wish I choose to have cockles instead of prawns
My sister enjoyed this dish much more than me as I am not into bean sprouts so the whole thing seems bit dry for me.
My sis say the bean sprouts are nice cooked, still have the crunch so it complies the noodles. She is definitely going back for more of it.

They have some discount for students and teachers on weekdays.

Next door deli
blk 529 ang mo kio ave 10 
#01-2369 singapore 560529

Beside next deli is famous pine gardens,  no seats available.
Have to buy take away. Interesting flavours of cakes

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