Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Singapore Eats : Jewel Cafe and BAr at RAngoon road

The interiors.
The place is not crowded even on a Friday night.
Was expecting it to be crowded due to it being featured on newsapaper just a few days ago.
It is simple but good looking place.

 Southern Fried Chicken, add $2 to upgrade fries to Truffle fries.
Chilli Crab Pasta.
Southern fried chicken was not bad but not understanding.
I don't seems to understand Truffle so I shall not comment.
I love the chilli crab pasta, it is a must try.
I like the chunky crab bits, the chilli gravy and the cute little fried mantou. A must try.

Ordered a tiramisu for desserts. 
Was good but not understanding.

The menu

129 RAngoon Road
Directions: take to Farrer Park Station and take escalator to city square, but do not exit to city square, take opposite exit. Cross the road diagonal and walk downwards for around 5 minutes)

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Teo JUN KAI said...

Great review, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to visit the place too. There is this map called CafeSG that lets you find all the local cafes in Singapore! Super useful for cafe hopping and to discover new cafes near home and workplace.

Hope to see more reviews from you