Friday, November 8, 2013

Korea free and easy : seoul HOngdae University, trick eye museum

Had breakfast at a cafe monobloc before going to trick eye museum.
Was quite hard to find as most of the shops opened around 10 and we looking for a cafe that is not under the normal franchise

Look out for pink signboard.
There signboard at hongdae to help you locate

Try to visit it in the morning. 
There are less people, so less waiting for each photo.
have lots of fun there, trying unconventional poses at times.

Even the lifts and toilets are funny

Shopping at hongdae university.
some similar item found at ehwa.
Ehwa should be generally cheaper but there are some good buys at hongdae too.

 My favourite sugar biscuit.. sugar rush.. not for people who do not have a sweet tooth

Found a cute pastry shop while walking around hongdae. 
The pastry are just beautiful but delicious.
Wish I tried the strawberries cakes.

Yeolbong Jjimbak
It is delicious. even the breast meat are tender.
You get to choose the spicy level.
Unless you are a big eater, and don't intend to snack..
usually a small will do for 1-3 and medium is for like 4-6
Must visit even if you are not a fan.

GRapefruit juice?

Local korean snack

We left hongdae in the late afternoon, the place is getting so crowded.. 
I heard Hongdae is quite happening at night when performers and etc..

Write up on Hongdae free market will be on another post as there are too many photos..
hongdae free market

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