Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Korea Busan free and EAsy : Jalgachi fish market

Evening time it was quite quiet. Think shops close around early evening.
Look at the poor octopus left on the floor by accident.. :(

Lively Octopus.
We squeak and the old lady sitting there was so amused. 

OUr meal that cost around s$50.
seafood was fresh and yummy.
The raw ones taste better as the steamed ones were a bit dried.
Small abalone at s$2-5 dollars
we usually have the oyster raw in singapore. They seems to don't mind us eating it steamed but they were quite upset when we suggested steaming the octopus.
Delicious side dishes too.

We went there in the morning and it was so much more lively and hawkers were all out peddling fresh seafood. 


We enjoyed the seafood that we went back for a second round.

Is also quite accessible.
Just take the train to Jalgachi fish market.

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