Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Korea free and easy : Busan food

Tried out Korea KFC.
However, only ordered some snacks.
Calamari and tapioca chips and hot chocolate.

Jagalchi Fish Market
The seafood is quite cheap.. Each Abalone is 4000 won, Live Octopus 10000 won.
just choose a stall and buy fresh seafood, they will bring you to an eatery upstairs where the seafood will be processed and cooked.
Total bill including other seafood, and side dishes and cooking is 42 000 won.
You can choose between eating sashimi, steamed or other cooking method. This is one of my sister's favorite meal in Korea. Fresh seafood and fabulous side dishes.

Sweet Potatoes snack!!
We swa this stall when we exit centum city station.

Shinsegae Food court.. English Menu available.
Food is around 8000-10000 won for the sets we ordered

If eating at a food court does not fill you up, there are a lot of snacks and delicious food selling beside the foodcourt.

Food at Shinsegae Shopping Mall

Ops Bakery
1394-82, Jung 1-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea
Sell delicious bread and samples to try for some of the item.
buy it as a snack while exploring busan or eat it for breakfast.

Halmae Wonjo Gamasot Gukbap (Granny Kim Hee-dae’s Original Cauldron Gukbap)
We did tried to try that while we were in Haeundae. However, they say they do not use pork but use beef.
I can't consume beef hence we just walked in and out of the shop.
Quite embarrassing

Busan famous street snack at Biff Square
There are a few stalls.
This ssiat hotteok (씨앗호떡), or "seed hotteok, Fried pancakes stuffed with pine seeds.
This is delicious too.

Crab stew at a little shop near Biff Square.
We wanted to try seafood stew.
21500won plus a soju.
Just nice for 3 person.

Breakfast at little stall at Biff Square.
Cheese, Ham, Hash brown and Lettuce.
Is yummy and cost 1000 won only.

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