Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Amsterdam free and easy : Sandemans NewEurope Free Tour

Join this free walking tour.
Just make an online reservation
Whether you get a guide that you like, is a game of luck.
I did not really like mine as I find him arrogant, he sounded like a strict teacher bringing  students out on an excursion. However, he is not in the list of guides anymore.
The tour was interesting and covered a lot of places and I learned a lot about Amsterdam but I do feel a bit bored because my guide was not really interesting.
The tour is free but they do accept tips.
Give more if you think they are good.
If they are not, I think a very small token for their work.

SExy land 

A hook that was found on the houses. the use of it?
haha.. join the tour to find out.

The beautiful row of houses
NArrow and closely packed houses
Who did we see in chinatown?

The electric tram.
The main transport, unless you know how to cycle
15 minutes break during the tour.
The guide recommend us to eat this Amsterdam's fast food.
Just deposit the coin and can just open the drawer to take out your burger.

Beautiful Amsterdam

We saw a ladybird.

isn't all this beautiful.. just love it..

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