Saturday, March 30, 2013

vietnam: Ho chi minh Tiger tours ( Tour on a bike)

Decide to try out something new.

We took a night tour on the bike.
The pickup point was at our hotel.
There are other available but this is one of the cheapest. There is a more famous one but it was fully booked. 
The guides are all females.
My guides were students who used this as an opportunity to improve their English.
Dinner and desserts were included in the package.
They were helpful in taking photos using their camera and mine.
Photos are included but quality may not be very good.

The ride was safe and not bumpy.
There was no speeding because they are just too many bikes around.
It was fun because I never taken a bike before, and they bought me to eat delicious local food and the guides were friendly and sincere.

Taking photos on the ride, although is not really advisable.
But they were not speeding so the ride was quite stable. I took a lot of photos.

 The model of the scooter will varies as is the driver's personal bike.

Dinner.Vietnamese food
The guides can speak good English. 
They bought us to a simple Vietnamese restaurant or maybe is like a coffee shop.
They show us the food and the proper way of eating it.
The food taste really good.

 Visited the flower market.

Bran Binh or chinatown.
We got down to shop for a while.
Small night market.

Desserts at a local favourite eatery.
I visited this eatery on my own the next day, is popular with the locals and the food taste good.

Then they sent us back to hotel.

You can chat with them about ho chi minh during the meals and bike ride.
Bring a bit of loose changes to tip them if you like them.

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