Sunday, March 17, 2013

Just EAt : Singapore Halia at Raffles Hotel

The hallway

 Ordered two small dishes( Celraic Lasagne and oriental pulled duck) and  three big dishes(HAlia Chilli Crab, Seafood in Saffron Orange broth and Sous Vide Baharat chicken Leg)  for four girls.
Sides can be added.
My friend likes the Celraic Lasagne. I like the toasted mushrooms that is scattered on the Lasagne.
As I am a meat and seafood lover, I prefer the Seafood in Saffron Orange broth as there are seafood like mussels, salmon, cod, prawns. It does not taste spicy. More of a milky and sweet soup.
Halia chilli crab taste good but the taste of the crab is not really prominent so is more of a chilli crab sauce with pasta for me.
The Chicken leg was tender and the skin crispy.
The oriental pulled duck is a no for me as I don't like sesame oil and the soba is coated with sesame oil.

 The Desserts:
Ginger Nougaut PArfait, Sticky toffee pudding and white chocolate mousse.
We were not customed to the taste of ginger so it taste a bit usual. However, it taste better when eated together when the caramelized pineapple.
The Sticky toffee pudding is more of a moist and dense sponge cake. Eat is with the ice cream and caramel. Average.
I enjoyed the white chocolate mousse the most, the white chocolate is sweet and the chocolate ice cream taste good with the crumbs.

 As the original shop is situated at botanical gardens, I think that is why there is a number of fake trees in the restaurant.
We did not order drinks. The bill came up to around $170.
The service is good. Waiters and waitresses are friendly and attentive.
Quiet place for a Saturday evening.
Around half of the restaurant was filled.

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