Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Korea free and easy: SEoul Kwang Jang MArket

TRaditional market : Kwang JAng MArket.
Can be reached by subway.
Just choose a stall, sit down and start ordering by pointing as a lot of stall sell more than one type of food. 
There are shopping to be done and a lot of korean food.
I enjoyed gimbop(seaweed roll) and the mochi.
They sell sashimi too and they have a few sauces, unlike japanese which is just wasabi and soya sauce.
Try whatever you think catch your fancy and have lots of fun.

visit here for instructions and opening hours.

Mochi from a stall

 Fabrics or traditional clothings?

Sundae : Korean food, Glutinous rice and Pig blood. in Black pig intestine.
Try it if you dare.

 Pancake. Grind and fried at the stall.
REd bean and pumpkin porridge

 Kimichi dumplings.. 

Korean seaweed roll
Simple but it taste good.
Korea seaweed with pickled veggies

 MOre Pancakes

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