Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bangkok Shopping: Yaowarat, supermarket, chatuchak, Pratunum, Platinum, Siam Square, Terminal 21, Asiatque

In bangkok, the key words for cheap shopping is "wholesale"
Especially in places like Yaowarat, Chatuchak, Platinum Mall and Pratunam Market.
They can offer you more than 40% discount if it is wholesale.
Usually they don't offer additional discount after wholesale price. 
However, the number of pieces required differ from shop to shop.
Yaowarat is good for accessories.
Chatuchak is good for clothings.
Pratunam which is opposite platinum is for clothings and some accessories.
Platinum mall is a lot of clothings and shoes.

Yaowarat which is know as chinatown is a shopping paradise in the morning for accessories as seen from the photos below.
The bad thing is there is no train service to the area so the only way is by taxi or tuk tuk. Just tell the taxi driver chinatown shopping. They should be able to lead you to right location.
Go in the late morning or early afternoon. Just follow the human traffic.
In bangkok, sometimes a map is not really useful because there are only a few road signs and they are in thai.
But is much much cheaper than singapore prices. Remember Wholesale.

Chatuchak has a large number of shops selling various stuff clothings, accessories, home decoration and even soaps.
It is only opened during the weekends. 
I will suggest around 10am as the weather gets too hot for comfort in the afternoon.

Only Chatuchak can be reached by train, BTS is MO Chit or Mrt Kamphaeng.
Sometimes the wholesale and single piece does not differ by a lot so I just buy one piece.

Only Platinum mall is air-conditioned so is the place to visit in the hot afternoon.
However, you have to take a taxi down and sometimes the traffic is not really good.
The good thing about platinum mall is not because is neatly organised  You can take note of the price and the shop unit number and walk around before you make a decision, there are some pricing discrepancy at times. 
However, the wholesale price differ by the per piece by quite a lot so is usually buy wholesale or just don't buy.

Pratunum is a bit messy and crowded but I think they have the best prices for clothings.
Buy 3 cardigans at 300 bahts.
And 3 dresses at 420 bahts.
It opens in the morning so can visit Pratunum and then cross the overhead bridge to platinum mall.









Platinum fashion mall
There is a market at Siam Square every night, opposite Siam Paragon. Get of at Siam Station and look. You will see the whole street filled with stalls.
They should be operating around 6pm -11pm.
Some shops start earlier and some shops only packed at 12 midnight.
The price is  not as competitive as the above shopping, but is reasonable and bargain. They don't do wholesale here.
However, some of the clothings are not found at places above and there are nice clothings and accessories for sale.
This is a very crowded place, so do take care of belongings.
Terminal21 is not really a shopping paradise.
Will recommend it for photo taking. 
Will post some photos of it soon.

Asiatque is the new market by the river.
I was curious about this upcoming market so I visited it. 
However, you have to take the BTS and then transfer to a free ferry.
I don't think is worth the travelling all the way because the things are almost the same as other markets. The place is hot and stuff although I visited it in November.
There are a few interesting restaurants around there.
Will not be visiting it again.

Anyone who read my blog knows I am a fan of supermarket.
I visited the big supermarket at basement of Siam PAragon, is just at Siam Station
 and the Big C supermarket, opposite Isetan Central world. Always go there after going platinum mall, on the way to chit lom bts station.
There are huge variety of snack and even a salad bar.
Lot of interesting snacks and flavours.
The supermarket at MBK seems boring when compared to the other two supermarket.

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